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Fusion Formulations FAQ's

Q. Is Fusion a GMP facility?
A. Yes, Our facilities are cGMP compliant which stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices” registered for the production of dietary supplements. This means that our facilities follow the guidelines established by the FDA regulatory requirements.
Q. What are your minimum order quantities?
A. Our minimum order quantities are as follows:
Beverages: 1500 gallon batch size per product
Q. I don't have a formula. Can Fusion Formulations formulate one for me?
A. Absolutely! We have a team of highly skilled, qualified professionals who will work with you to create an innovative, effective formula. Fusion has numerous formulators each with specific skills that we can introduce you to or help with granulating the perfect quality product.
Q. I already have a formula. Will Fusion Formulations manufacture it for me?
A. We will manufacture any customer supplied formula which is considered a dietary supplement as defined by the United States Food & Drug Administration. Certain restrictions may apply.
Q. Do you supply raw materials?
A. Yes, we use USP grade raw materials from the most respected and reputable suppliers in our industry.
Q. What does USP mean?
A. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is the official public standards-setting authority for all prescription and over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements, and other healthcare products manufactured in the United States. The USP conducts verification programs for dietary supplement ingredients and products. These programs involve independent testing and review to verify ingredient and product integrity, purity, and potency for manufacturers who choose to participate.
Q. Can we supply our own material?
A. Yes. In order to do this, each material needs to be tested for conformity based on new FDA GMP Guidelines. Also, a Certificate of Analysis must be approved for use in our formulations, and a sample sent prior to production time to confirm density and test method.
Q. I don't have any place to store my products, can you inventory them and ship them to me when needed?
A. No, we are a just-in-time contract manufacturer. However, we do have fulfillment partners that can accommodate your needs.
Q. Is there a manufacturing setup fee in addition to the prices we have received?
A. No, the prices that you were given include all manufacturing setup fees.
Q. What are your certifications?
A. All of our products are manufactured in an FDA-Approved, cGMP facility.
Q. What measures do you take to protect my intellectual property?
A. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement protecting our clients' intellectual property.
Q. Do you provide the label or label design?
A. No, however, we will review your label and make suggestions. In addition; we will provide you with industry regulators, legal professionals and contacts.
Q. What are your lead times?
A. Typically our production times are 6-8 weeks. This will also depend on first time orders and the availability of raw materials.
Q. Can you produce products internationally?
A. Yes, Fusion Formulations produces products for many customers internationally as well as Domestic.