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Fusion Formulations: Philosophy

Led by veteran supplement manufacturing executives, Fusion Formulations seeks to fully partner with innovative and dedicated brand marketers for the long-term. We saw the need for a boutique full-service manufacturing and packaging partner. Fusion Formulations represents what we call a new breed of contractor, a hybrid company.

From your initial idea to an outstanding shelf presence in the top-rated retailers throughout the nation, Fusion Formulations leaves "order filler" contractors in the dust. Fusion Formulations is not an "everything to everybody" company, but is part think-tank, part producer, and part brand marketer, at a reasonable price. It is not looking to be the world's largest beverage manufacturer, but instead is seeking to become the reliable, innovative full service partner for long-term branded line success.

Brad Grossman
Full Service Manufacturing
Hybrid Company

Long-term clients are invited to place a staffer at Fusion Formulations or spend as much time at our facility if desired, to witness and watch their products grow into life. The staff of Fusion Formulations believes that interactivity fosters learning and enthusiasm, which creates market success.